5 movies and snacks to upgrade your movie night

Top 5 movies to upgrade your movie night
Top 5 movies to upgrade your movie night

Aaaand Action!

The next five blog post will be revealing, how you can upgrade your movie night. First of all, Törtchen - Made in Berlin will give you recipes for 5 snacks and I additionally will give you my Top 5 films for the perfect movie night.


As I am blogging about Berlin and publishing travel guides named BertaBerlin, I will only select movies which were filmed in Berlin. To create a arc of suspense, I will start from the very end of my Top 5.

Last but not least: 




This movie is a German cult classic from 1998 directed by Tom Tykwer. The story follows a woman who needs to obtain 100,000 Deutsche Mark (yes , this were the times when we did not have Euro) in twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life. As she is in a hurry, she is running through Berlin. We witness three ‘runs’, each in real time and unfolding from the same starting point, each offering a different outcome. This movie won well-deserved 26 awards and has to be a part of every movie night.


And here is the best snack to eat while watching this movie.

Marshmallow Snacks

  1. Chop bittersweet chocolate and let it melt above a bain-marie.
  2. Put the marshmallow upright on a board or something similar.
  3. Then pour chocolate above it and press one salted pretzel in the chocolate.
  4. Enjoy.

What do you need?


25 Marshmallows

75 g bittersweet chocolate

25 little salted pretzels


5 movies and snacks to upgrade your movie night
Top 5 snacks to upgrade your movie night by Törtchen Made in Berlin


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