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Get to the heart of Berlin with walks through the city. Packed with hidden gems, maps and all the informations you need. This travel app is the ultimate resource for visiting Berlin as well as exploring new districts and areas of the city. I tailored the BertaWalks as an enthralling day trip starting with unique breakfast places, exceptional sights to fancy cocktails at night. The BertaWalks App will guide you effortlessly off the beaten path through Berlin, without planning, eco-friendly and affordable.


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walk this way is the key to discover Berlin like a local. Just choose a walk in the BertaWalks App, and be guided along every road or path — even when you’re offline. Get your first walk for free and say hello to a new adventure!


Discover like a local.



Travel without traveling in Berlin

BertaWalks App
BertaWalks App - Discover Berlin like a local


  1. Explore the city with walks designed to guide you effortlessly through Berlin.
  2. From breakfast til cocktails at night, you will find boundless options for every budget.
  3. Discover the city off the beaten pathways.
  4. Get around the city with transport information.
  5. Uncover the vibe that's right for you with neighborhood walks.
  6. Find the secret gems and share it with your friends.
  7. Travel confidently with essential tips.
BertaWalks App
BertaWalks App while walking along the 'Berlin Mitte Walk'


Discover Berlin like a local, eco-friendly and affordable! Let me introduce you to some of the Berlin walks in my BertaWalks App:

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pic by Daniel Kessler