ExpatBerlin map

ExpatBerlin map
The Best of Expat Life in Berlin, pic by Miriam Kaulbach

Are you an expat living in Berlin? You’re surely dealing with questions like: Where can I find an apartment? I need to learn German fast! How do I get health insurance where I can get help in English?


Finding all the information you need to get living and working in Berlin can take you months. Our ExpatBerlin guide greatly simplifies your relocation to Berlin. Beginning with tips on short-term rentals, insurance, supermarkets and coworking spaces, this guide deals with all the different facets of the expat life in Berlin.


ExpatBerlin is a locally-curated collection of hidden gems for your everyday life, crafted so you can explore Berlin with fun, ease and lots of good karma. I teamed up with Tia from Expath to find the best spots to make the most of living and working in Berlin.


In this travel guide you will find three walks through Berlin’s most creative neighborhoods and a selection of our favorite everyday places, restaurants, cafés, shops, and coworking spaces in Berlin so you can experience life like a local.


Find out why Berlin is such a vibrant hotspot and walk your way through the city. The ExpatBerlin guide includes sights and attractions not to be missed in addition to the word on the street to make the most of your experience.



Berta is the publisher of the travel guides BertaBerlin and most notably a born resident of East Berlin. In the travel guides and on her website, she discovers city walks and writes about the hidden gems of the German capital.


Tia is the co-founder of Expath – Berlin’s ultimate German school and expat consultancy. She and her team have helped thousands of new Berliners learn German, find a job, apply for visas and work permits, figure out freelancing, find flats and more.