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Berlin Travel Guide BertaBerlin and Travel Book
pic by Maria Dominika

I am the publisher of the travel guides BertaBerlin and most notably a born resident of East Berlin. In the travel guides and on my website, I discover city walks and writes about the hidden gems of the German capital.



2015, a trip to Milan, for which I rummaged through seemingly endless guides in an attempt to plan the perfect weekend, sparked an idea, and perhaps a solution to dizzying process of researching tips for other cities could be a minimalist guide, like a folding map, for Berlin. Just a few months later, my first travel guide, BertaBerlin, was born. 2017 I released BertaBerlin for Kreuzberg and for Mitte as well as QueerBerlin. Today I wrote over 30 travel maps for Berlin and Hamburg as well as I published a travel book "Travel the world in Berlin / Eine Weltreise in Berlin".



BertaBerlin are folding maps with travel recommendations for Berlin. The front side features exclusive highlights in the much-loved district, along with detailed maps and photos to help you find your own way.


Alternatively, the opposite side of the travel guide offers three curated walks through the city, so that you can also get to know greater Berlin. The tours start with breakfast, and direct guests to monuments, museums, shopping, other restaurants and hidden gems, and end with cocktails in some of my favourite bars.


My friend Katrin has helped me with graphic and product design of BertaBerlin, in particular with custom street maps. Her previous experience designing the travel guide "Ansichtssache. Freiburg ist schön"  was invaluable to the project. 


Me explaining my travel guide BertaBerlin.

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