Top 5 of Friedrichshain

From cafés to shops, sights, restaurants, bars and more, you will find boundless options for every budget in Friedrichshain. To make the choice a little easier for you, I selected some of my favorite highlights in the much-loved district of Friedrichshain.


Top 5 cafés of Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain cafés

Find the top 5 cafés to enjoy a homemade cake and a delicious coffee in Friedrichshain.


Top 5 restaurants of Charlottenburg
Friedrichshain restaurants

From a quick lunch in a deli to a fine dinner I highly recommend 5 restaurants in Friedrichshain.


Top 5 bars of Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain bars

Enjoy a delicious drink at the end of the day, where they sure know how to make cocktails.


Yoga studio of Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain yoga

With yoga I could flee the stress of work and strengthen myself for the day.

Sporty Activities

Sport in Friedrichshain
Sporty Activities

In Berlin, you often find skateparks and skate spots where you least expect them.


Friedrichshain activities
Friedrichshain activities

Art, books, walking through the streets - things you can do in Friedrichshain.