Top 5 of Kreuzberg

BertaBerlin travel guides for Berlin Kreuzberg - by walk this way  - pic by Maria Dominik
BertaBerlin travel guides for Berlin Kreuzberg

From street markets to museums, shops, sights, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and more, you will find boundless options for every budget in Kreuzberg. To make the choice a little easier for you, I selected some of my favorite highlights in the much-loved district of Kreuzberg.


If you want to discover more secret spots and hidden gems of Kreuzberg, crafted so you can explore Berlin with ease by way of simply suggested city walks or more spontaneous choose-your-own-adventure routes, you can also check out my BertaBerlin map of Kreuzberg.


Top 5 cafés of Kreuzberg
Cafés of Kreuzberg

Selected by BertaBerlin, you will find the top 5 cafés to enjoy a homemade cake and a delicious your coffee in Kreuzberg.


Top 5 restaurants of Kreuzberg
Restaurants of Kreuzberg

From a quick lunch in a deli to a fine dinner I highly recommend the following restaurants in Kreuzberg.


Top 5 bars of Kreuzberg
Bars of Kreuzberg

Enjoy a delicious well-deserved drink at the end of the day, where they sure know how to make cocktails.


Theaters of Kreuzberg
Theaters of Kreuzberg

The range on offer for theater is quite broad and you do not need to be fluent in German to enjoy.


Clubs of Kreuzberg
Clubs of Kreuzberg

You can dance the night away in my Top 5  favorite clubs of Kreuzberg for every budget.


Activities of Kreuzberg
Activities of Kreuzberg

Climbing, Art, swimming, watch a movie, play bocce - things you can do in Kreuzberg.

Yoga studios

Yoga studios of Kreuzberg
Yoga studios of Kreuzberg

If you need some exercise and don't want to search, just see my top 5 yoga studios in Kreuzberg.


Playgrounds of Kreuzberg
Playgrounds of Kreuzberg

Children are kept happy in Berlin by adventures playgrounds especially in Kreuzberg.