Deliveroo x BertaBerlin map

Deliveroo x BertaBerlin map in Berlin - pic by Mathias Kutt
Deliveroo x BertaBerlin map somewhere in Berlin



2017 – BertaBerlin & Deliveroo map is a curated collection of culinary spots created for you to easily explore the taste of 14 different countries in Berlin. We designed a culinary tour through the regional flavors of Africa, China, India, Thailand and many more. From cutting edge restaurants to traditional flavours of India’s exceptional cuisine – like an amazing lamb Dosa and other one-of-a-kind Indian recipes that can’t be found anywhere else.


Join us for once-in-a-lifetime adventures curated by the editors of BertaBerlin and Deliveroo.


All restaurants and cafés mentioned in the map are available on and the Deliveroo app for Android and iOS (bars on back side excluded). Deliveroo has a simple mission: to deliver the best local restaurants straight to your door – fast, fresh and hustle free.




2018 – We also created a BertaBerlin & Deliveroo map / a summer edition. The Picnic Map is a curated collection of popular and insider picnic spots. Your best partner when exploring the parks of Berlin, accompanied by great food from Deliveroo restaurants. Have it all to yourself or to share with your favourite people. To add to the perfect summer experience, we designed a collection of walks that will lead you from spot to spot for an exciting day of picnicking. What’s more, we have included a number of activities that you can do along the way. You will never get bored with this Picnic Guide.

Deliveroo x BertaBerlin map in Berlin
Deliveroo x BertaBerlin map somewhere in Berlin

About BertaBerlin


Berta Luise Heide is the publisher of the travel guide BertaBerlin, a travel blogger and marketer, and most notably a born resident of the German capital city. In her travel guides, inconspicuously entitled BertaBerlin, she discovers city walks all over Berlin and writes about the hidden gems of the city on her blog. There are BertaBerlin maps for several districts and themed maps like BeautyBerlin and YogaBerlin map.


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pics by Mathias Kutt