BertaBerlin travel guides for Berlin by walk this way - Discover like a local - pic by Mathias Kutt
BertaBerlin travel guides for Berlin

From Tonga to Alaska, after trekking many places around the world I have become well acquainted with the little things that make a difference in the life of a traveller. Being born in Berlin and spending most of my life here, it only feels natural to show the city to friends and guests from a local perspective. Since 2014, I have hosted over 300 guests in my home, all of which helped me design several maps that makes experiencing Berlin as a Berliner a breeze.


  1. BertaBerlin map about Charlottenburg
  2. BertaBerlin map about Neukölln
  3. BertaBerlin map about Kreuzberg
  4. QueerBerlin about LGBT-friendly spots in Berlin (specified)
  5. BertaBerlin map about Mitte
  6. BertaBerlin map about Moabit
  7. BertaBerlin map about Prenzlauer Berg
  8. ESMT-Berlin map (customized)
  9. BeautyBerlin map about beauty hotspots in Berlin (specified)
  10. YogaBerlin map with lululemon (customized)
  11. BeerBerlin map about handcrafted beer in Berlin (specified)
  12. GDR Berlin map (customized)
  13. VeganBerlin map (specified)
  14. Cocktail Berlin Map (customized)
  15. PlayBerlin map (customized and specified)
  16. COUP Map - Drive This Way (customized)
  17. "Berlin, was läuft" Map (customized)
  18. A.T. Kearney Map (customized
  19. Deliveroo map (customized)
  20. ESCP map (customized)
  21. Zimny Charlottenburg map (customized)
  22. Berlin, was läuft (customized)
  23. Coworking map (specified)
  24. CoffeeBerlin map (specified)
  25. ExpatBerlin map (specified)
  26. WeddingBerlin map (community)
  27. Dogfriendly Berlin (specified)
  28. ArtBerlin Map (specified)
  29. Hamburg Coworking Map for TK (customized)

The Best of the Best

  1. The map takes you through the Berlin of Berliners.
  2. From cafés, to museums and shops, you can find everything in just three walks.
  3. Be independent. No phone. No data. No drama.
  4. All information you need is on one map: payment options, price ranges, wifi availability and more.
  5. Trusted, discovered and enjoyed by over 110,000 travellers worldwide.

The Motto: Don’t think, just walk.


I designed walks for Airbnb, and to help them discover the hidden gems of Berlin. These walks can also be found on my maps. Recommendations on the map include some of the most exceptional sights such as the Reichstag, beer gardens off the beaten path in Tiergarten, hidden shops, an art gallery inside a bunker and of course many local hot spots and events.

If you want to find more hidden gems of Berlin, check out my folding maps BertaBerlin. They are available in well-chosen locations all over Berlin and online. But for those of you, who want to stay up to date, feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or register for my NEWSLETTER BertaNews.