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BertaBerlin travel guide about the GDR Berlin - by walk this way - pic by Eric Birnbaum
GDR Berlin map in cooperation with the DDR Museum



It´s always been fascinating to me that I grew up in a country which doesn`t exist any more. This map gives you an insight into lives that are fast fading from memory. Believing that the DDR Museum more than anywhere else captures everyday life in the GDR (German Democratic Republic), I am so excited to be partnering with them.


The GDR museum is dedicated to everything about East Germany. In the museum you can visit an authentic GDR apartment and get a feeling of everyday life in the former Soviet satellite state. It even displays an exact copy of the couch I grew up on!



With this map dedicated to the GDR, we would like to take you on a walk through the past. The GRD map is a locally-curated collection of spots crafted so you can explore East Berlin with ease through a series of suggested city walks. The guide map includes GDR sights and attractions not to be missed to make the most of your experience.


Take a seat in the Trabi ride, climb up the ladder of the GDR Watchtower and experience the same view as the East German border soldiers or simply enjoy a currywurst at Konnopke. Let us take you on a journey and explore all aspects of daily life behind the Berlin Wall!


For now, here is a sneak peek of my GDR highlights in the map.

Filmed by Frederik Schindler; A walk and talk through the GDR, you will find my GDR map and me at 00:46  



Berta is the publisher of the travel guides BertaBerlin and most notably a born resident of East Berlin. In the travel guides and on her website, she discovers city walks and writes about the hidden gems of the German capital.


The DDR Museum is the only institution of its kind to provide a holistic and interactive account of the conditions prevailing during the East German dictatorship. Their exhibition provides a 360-degree view of life in the GDR, not just nostalgia.


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GDR Berlin Map
Walk through the GDR past of Berlin, pic by Eric Birnbaum