CoffeeBerlin map

CoffeeBerlin map about coffee bars in Berlin
CoffeeBerlin map about coffee bars in Berlin - pic by Miriam Kaulbach

Welcome to the CoffeeBerlin map, a guide to Berlin’s best craft coffee bars. I have scoured the streets of Berlin to bring you the very best cafés to go for great coffee. I hope the CoffeeBerlin map will inspire you to visit new and exciting coffee bars around the German capital.


This map is a must-have for all true coffee enthusiasts! Featuring experimental conceptual coffee laboratories like Happy Baristas, artistic cafés like Oslo Kaffebar and minimalist modern coffee shops, I hope my list will satisfy all your coffee needs, whilst providing three walks to explore Berlin thus combining a good read, art and exercise with always the guarantee of one or two excellent coffee pit stops.


The CoffeeBerlin map will support a journey of discovery as you explore this vibrant city; shaped by its unique history, cosmopolitan population, growing international tech scene and renowned laid-back, fun and welcoming attitude.


Let's have coffee!