Top 5 restaurants in Friedrichshain


Friedrichshain's restaurant scene has never been more vibrant than today. It’s part of the appeal of this much-loved district Friedrichshain. I personally have seen a lot of restaurants come and go in Friedrichshain, but the best places always remain. That is why I have compiled a list of my Top 5 restaurants in Friedrichshain that come with concepts and delicious menus. Guten Appetit!


Top 5 restaurants of Friedrichshain
Vietnamese restaurant in Friedrichshain

1990 Vegan Living


If you are looking for a touch of Asian life in Berlin, then this is the café to be. A Vietnamese restaurant based on Vietnamese recipe and completely vegan. As the history on their website explains, they don’t have elaborate recipes, but instead propose the ones from their origin — not so difficult to have vegan dishes when the kitchen of your country is based on fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. The bowls here are the thing to try and the wan tan soup is absolutely delicious.


Krossener Straße 19, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), +49 30 85 61 47 61,, Station: U1, U3 Warschauer Straße, U5 Samariterstraße, daily 12:00–23:30


Top 5 restaurants of Friedrichshain
Mediterranean restaurant in Friedrichshain

Milja & Schäfa


Located directly at Ostkreuz Milja & Schäfa is a meeting point for locals. In a cozy atmosphere you can enjoy homemade cake, bagel, sandwiches, burger and pasta. Another highlight is the bar.


Sonntagstraße 1, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain),+49 30 52 66 20 94,, Station: S3, S5, S7, S8, S41, S42, S75, S85 Ostkreuz, Mon–Thu 8–24, Fr 8–1, Sat 9–1, Sun 9–18:30


Top 5 restaurants of Friedrichshain
Datscha in Friedrichshain



What to say about this restaurant in Friedrichshain? It is absolutely an institution in Berlin and a must try. Of course if you think about Berlin east where the neighborhood is situated you will think about Russia and here it comes Cafe Datscha. Pelmeni and beef Stroganoff are the dish you need to try, cooked as the original Russian recipes.


Gabriel-Max-Straße 1, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), Station: U5 Samariterstraße, +49 30 70 08 67 35,, daily 10:00–1:00


Top 5 restaurants of Friedrichshain
Italian restaurant in Friedrichshain

Pepe Nero


Hidden in the middle of Friedrichshain you can nd the Italian restaurant Pepe Nero. Pick from all kinds of pizza and enjoy the Italian feeling.


Bötzowstraße 30, 10407 Berlin (Friedrichshain), +49 30 63 96 82 98,, Station: S8, S9, S41, S42, S85 Greifswalder Straße, daily 12:00–23:00


Top 5 restaurants of Friedrichshain
Thai restaurant in Friedrichshain



Housed in the RAW grounds, you smell the food of Khwan and hear their lovely music before you actually see it. Their menu offers delicious Thai dishes like Oysters, smoked lamb, grilled chicken and BBQ ribs, but they also serve tasty breakfast. The owners really know how to grill flavour into every dish. Since I have been away from Thailand I never saw so colorful plates of thai food. Smoke, spice, sweet and sour, everything - these are the flavours of Khwan, which make up for a special breakfast.


Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), +49 152 59 02 13 31,, Station: U1, S5, S7, S75 Warschauer Straße, Thu-Sat 18–22:30, Sun 11:30–16:30


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Co-Author: Carmela La Spina