BeautyBerlin map

BeautyBerlin map in Berlin - pic by Mathias Kutt
BertaBerta's new BeautyBerlin map

Do you feel like walking on the path of beauty in Berlin and pampering yourself with a beauty treatment after? From a Mitte nail bar capable of some incredibly unique designs I‘ve seen to magazine and vintage stores, discover some of the best here. BeautyBerlin is a curated collection of beauty spots composed so that you can explore the spas and salons of Berlin with ease. I designed a relaxing tour through cosmetic studios, concept stores, boutique fitness studios and soulfood restaurants.


Join me for once-in-a-lifetime treatment in Berlin. I would like to take you on a walk through my city.


Where can you find the BeautyBerlin map?
The BeautyBerlin map are available to buy online for 5 € at online or in selected shops in Berlin.

BeautyBerlin map in Berlin - by walk this way
BeautyBerlin map, pic by Mathias Kutt

About BertaBerlin


Berta is the publisher of the travel guide BertaBerlin, a travel blogger and marketer, and most notably a born resident of the German capital city. In her travel guides, inconspicuously entitled BertaBerlin, she discovers city walks all over Berlin and writes about the hidden gems of the city on her blog. She currently published over 30 BertaBerlin maps. In her BeautyBerlin map she discovers all the beautiful places in Berlin: Take a stroll through Berlin, visit cosmetic studios, spas, hair salons and enjoy a relaxing day.

Interested in collaborating? 

Berta loves to not only work on maps for districts but specified maps. Let‘s discover Berlin together.