WeddingBerlin Guide

WeddingBerlin Guide
Best wedding recommendations in Berlin, pic by Miriam Kaulbarsch

Verliebt. Verlobt. Verheiratet.

More than 50 wedding recommendations in Berlin


So, you’ve decided to get married and head straight to the altar. Seems simple enough, right? Ally from thought so, too. But when she decided to call off her big wedding, she was surprised by how little information was out there about how to plan a wedding in Berlin. That's why we put together a "Wedding Berlin map" of things you should know before and while getting married.


WeddingBerlin is a selection of hand-picked bridal shops, wedding location in and by Berlin, stylists, photographers, jewellery designers, flower shops and much more. Ally and I hope to help you as a future bride or groom, to put together your dream wedding.


As we did published the "WeddingBerlin map" in January, but we want to give you my personal "Top 5 wedding spots in Berlin" (here) and Ally's Wedding favorites in Berlin (here). Because whether or not you're throwing a big party, it's still your wedding day — and you shouldn't have to worry about anything.

PS: I also wrote an article about my "Top 5 wedding photo locations in Berlin".