White Label Solution for CSD Berlin

White Label Solution for CSD Berlin
White Label Solution for CSD Berlin

Since 2016 I have been the publisher of the BertaBerlin city maps and a Berlin-based travel and lifestyle blogger. In my maps, I curate city walks all over Berlin and write about the hidden gems of the German capital on my blog. I also publish themed maps like QueerBerlin, which is a locally-curated collection of secret spots and LBGTQ+ orientated locations crafted so you can explore Berlin with ease.


The vision of walk this way is to enable people to discover and experience places like a local. Therefore, I offer a white glove service for companies and work as a match maker for brands, places and experiences. So, what does this mean?


In your case I would create a branded QueerBerlin Map to be distributed at the Christopher Street Day parade. This map could also be distributed in the locations featured in it, for example, SchwuZ club, Europe's oldest LBGTQ+ book shop Prinz Eisenherz or Schwules Museum. So your brand is able to gain better access to your target group and the small business owners. As the map creates a win-win, small business owners – as my experiences have shown me –gladly spread the word of the map, with your logo on its cover, and both refer clients to it and gain new clients from it.


Other White Label Solutions


Since the beginning of BertaBerlin, I sold over 110,000 city maps and created white label solutions for brands like myToys. In this instance, I designed a PlayBerlin Map filled with recommendations for families and children, which was then distributed to over 15,000 Kindergartens in Berlin.


Other White Label Solutions - pic by Maria Dominika
Other White Label Solution for Lululemon

In my YogaBerlin Map for lululemon, I recommend a variety of yoga studios and sports facilities. The map was published on the 'Lange Nacht des Yogas' and the map was displayed in over 30 Berlin yoga studios in Berlin.


For the German Unification Day I created a GDR city map for the DDR Museum in Berlin. With this map dedicated to the GDR, our aim was to take people on a walk through history. Within this map, people were encouraged to take a Trabi ride, climb up the ladder of a GDR Watchtower or simply enjoy a currywurst at Konnopke. For anyone interested in the history of the German Democratic Republic, you can visit the museum and buy the GDR map in their shop.


Recently I have also designed another white label solution for two business schools, the ESCP Berlin and the ESMT Berlin. I have crafted this white label solution so that their students and visitors can explore Berlin before and after the lectures.

How to connect with the LGBTTIQ+ community


Christopher Street Day in Berlin is one of the biggest pride events in Europe with over 1 Million visitors from Berlin and the rest of the world. This event is a strong symbol of diversity and acceptance of the LGBTTIQ+ communities. If your brand wants to become part of the CSD Berlin and connect with the LGBTTIQ+ community, together we could create a QueerBerlin map for them and publish it on the 25th of July!

White Label Solution for QueerBerlin
White label solution for ESMT Berlin, pic by Mathias Kutt
What I do and what I can do for you
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