Dog-friendly Berlin map

Dog-friendly Berlin map by walk this way  - pic by Briana Moore
Dog-friendly Berlin map

Owning a dog in Berlin is no walk in the park (even when it’s exactly that). You love your dog, and the last thing you want is for your furry pal to stay cooped up in a tiny apartment all day.


Briana, Quigley and I have good news for you: Berlin is an incredibly dog-friendly city! With an estimated 100,000+ pet dogs living in the German capital, there are plenty of things to do with your dog (including many that won’t cost you a dime).


Through a partnership with travel journalist Briana Moore and ambassadog Quigley aka @TravelsWithQuigley, we have created a custom Dogfriendly Berlin map allowing you to experience the highlight of Berlin, with your furriest friend along for the ride!


Our Dogfriendly Berlin guide features a specialized list of restaurants, parks, shopping, and sightseeing, along with detailed Berlin map graphics and photos. Additionally, we recommend three curated walks through Berlin (from breakfast to cocktail), all featuring top locations that will welcome your pet with enthusiasm.


Here are our Top 5 dog-friendly places in a nutshell:

  1. Dog-friendly Tempelhofer Feld: If your pup wants to socialize, there is a dog park in the northeast corner of the park.
  2. Dog-friendly café: At Café am Neuen See dogs can join their owners in the rowboat rentals in the warmer months. During the winter, bundle together around the firepits, with a glass of Glühwein (humans only)
  3. Dog-friendly museum island in Berlin: While pets are not allowed inside the museums, an afternoon on the island with your pup is still not to be missed.
  4. Dog-friendly restaurant in Berlin: The Bird BBQ is a laid back restaurant, where your dog might be greeted by the owners German shephard, and the servers have been known to slip a few bits of pork to very good pups.
  5. Dog-friendly art spot in Berlin: A cold war era spy station turned art colony, the radar station on the Teufelsberg is located on the second highest elevation of the city. Dogs are allowed in all areas of the commune, provided they remain on leash.

For more tips you can pick a map in my online shop.

Dog-friendly Berlin map
Dog-friendly Berlin map



Berta is the publisher of the travel guides BertaBerlin and most notably a born resident of East Berlin. In the travel guides and on her website, she discovers city walks and writes about the hidden gems of the German capital.


Briana is a freelance photographer and writer specializing in community-driven storytelling, with a focus on sustainable travel, portraiture (including pets!), and socially conscious brands.