5 Secrets: The perfect Italian pizza

5 Secrets: The perfect Italian pizza
Making the perfect Italian pizza

This week I wanted to discover all the secrets about Italian pizza. As I am not an Italian nor a cook, I asked an expert, Carlo Battaglia from Pizzare in Berlin. Pizzare is a pizzeria that’s on a mission to serve much more than the perfect pizza. Taking zero shortcuts and sourcing the ingredients directly from Italy, pizzare bakes one of the very best pizza in Berlin. Especially the quality of the ingredients stands out. The tomato sauce of Italian San Marzano Tomatoes taste extraordinarily fruity and the cheese Fior di Latte Mozzarella produced by Fior d’Agerola they use is very delicious. As Carlo would say, everything is from Italy except the water, which is used for the dough.


1. The perfect pizza dough


Pizza dough is comprised of only a few basic ingredients. But there’s no doubt that some crusts are just way better than others. So what makes the difference?


According to Carlo from the pizzeria Pizzare, the mistake is to prepare the dough in the morning and serve it in the evening. Pizzare kneads its dough not with hands, but with a machine; always evenly and gently. When the pizza dough is done, divided into portions, and shaped into balls, Carlo let them rest in a refrigerator over two days. When they’re finished resting, he stretches and shapes the perfect pizza dough into pizza pies. The secret is to not use fresh dough, which will ferment in your tummy.


2. What is the secret to a perfect Italian pizza?


"The secret lies in the temperature of the pizza oven: You have to heat the pizza by 400 degree, constantly!“, Carlo says. Pizzare uses the Ferrari under the Pizza oven. Baking ‘simply’ pizza for their guest, Pizzare ovens are considered the best ovens in the world. The G Turbooven allows Carlo the bake three pizzas at the same time in 150 seconds around the clock every day!



3. In the name of pizza


Did you know? Pizza is a German(ic) Word! The word pizza has a history of more than thousand years. It is first recorded in a Latin text from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in 10th century. Italy in that time was subject to the successive domination of Germanic-speaking peoples, the Goths and the Langobards. The term pizza is thought to derive from a Langobard word similar to "bizzo" or "pizzo", which means 'bite' and 'bit'. This word originally meant 'mouthful', then later 'piece of bread'. Nowadays the word pizza has assumed a further life of its own. More details can be found here.


4. What is the difficult part?


The biggest complain in the world of pizzarias is cutting of a pizza. I never thought about it, but of course everybody wants to have the same amount of the pizza and if you are really hungry you want to just grab a piece and not hold the pizza in total in your hand.


5. How to find a good pizzaria?


The most expensive part of a pizza is the Mozzarella on it. If you want to test the quality of a pizzaria there is a simply test: Just ask for a piece of the Mozzarella used in the pizzaria. If it taste good, you found the right spot. Guten Appetit!


Craving for an authentic Italian pizza and more? Check out Pizzare offering a wide range of delicious vegan dishes as well. They served the first vegan pizza in Berlin. Today you can choose from several classic, vegetarian and vegan pizzas of the menu. If you also desire for a dessert, try their fantastic Tiramisu.


Eberswalder Straße 21

10437 Berlin

+49 30 77 32 59 90


Facebook: Pizzare Prenzlauer Berg

Station: U2 Eberswalde Straße




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5 Secrets: The perfect Italian pizza
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