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02. July 2018
For the summer Deliveroo and me curated a picnic map of popular and insider picnic spots in Berlin. Did you know, that you can order food also in the park? In this article we are exploring the parks of Berlin, accompanied by tips how to order great food from Deliveroo restaurants in the park. Have it all to yourself or to share with your favorite people.
03. June 2018
These 5 picnic parks will wow you with their picnic options. Today everyone is interested in some kind of unique food experience in everyday life. We help you to experience relaxing parks in Berlin accompanied by delicious cuisine.
01. June 2018
Did you know? You can order Deliveroo into the parks of Berlin! Yes, you can enjoy the sun and have a lovely picnic without the need to prepare any food. If you want to win a Picnic Map with a free picnic sponsored by Deliveroo - you can do so until the 10th of June! Just tag a friend, with whom you would like to picnic under this post and follow @deliveroo_de and on Instagram.