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18. February 2024
Top 5 Japanese places in Berlin
One of the most impressive trips I have taken was to Japan. It is simply a completely different world in which hardly anyone understood me and in which there are so many things and places to discover. Because Japan is very far away, I have researched Japanese places in Berlin for my book. In my book, I have compiled the most beautiful Japanese places in Berlin. Until the book is published, I want you to get a taste of Japan in Berlin by introducing my "Top 5 Japanese places in Berlin". In case...
01. February 2024
Top 5 Japanese restaurants in Berlin
The possibilities of discovering different cultures in Berlin are endless. As I am scouting for restaurants in Berlin, I am always finding new highlights aka hidden gems, which I love to point out! I was recently day dreaming about cherry blossom, beautiful temples and of course delicious Japanese specialties like sushi and ramen, which made me think about a Top 5 of Japanese restaurants in Berlin. So here are my favorite Japanese restaurants in Berlin that will allow you a quick getaway to...
21. January 2024
Top 5 Japanese restaurants in Berlin
In Berlin, we are lucky enough to have an extremely vibrant and exciting food scene. Food and cuisine from all over the world can be found in this city including many Japanese restaurants. All of us have our favourite go-to dinner spots in Berlin but I believe that it's always a great idea to try out something new and discover a spot which you may never have known existed. That's why recently I've been searching for the best Japanese restaurants in Berlin. The best ramen, sushi and other...
01. February 2021
Top 5 sushi restaurants in Berlin
Let’s face it, there are a couple of dishes that are hard to find in Berlin (looking at you, Indian cuisine!) and unfortunately high quality sushi is one of them. Although there are hundreds of restaurants that serve or deliver sushi (often together with other Asian cuisines like Vietnamese or Chinese… because Asian food is basically all the same, right?), most of them severely disappointed due to their dry, tasteless rice, low quality fish or overboard use of cream cheese. I felt even...
10. April 2016
THIS LOVELY BISTRO UNFORTUNATELY CLOSED! Who secretly is in love with Japanese BBQ, should swing by Gotcilla. This BBQ place is on my "must have list" for food. I just found this little gem yesterday. In this place everything gets fried. Fish, chicken, tofu. The deep fried Schnitzel was a big hit. All in all, I obviously recommend this place if you are looking for good Japanese BBQ.