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20. April 2024
Top 5 Chinese restaurants in Berlin
To mark the Chinese New Year celebrations yesterday, today I thought that I'd take you through my recommendations of the top 5 Chinese restaurants in Berlin. Whether you’re looking for a quick spot for something to grab on the go, somewhere really extraordinary to enjoy a special meal or even for a new date-night restaurant to explore this week then I’ve got just the thing! Come along as I take you through the most authentic, beautiful and delicious Chinese restaurants in Berlin.
01. December 2018
As my beloved boyfriend is Chinese, I visited his hometown Shanghai this year! Now I like to give your all the (secret) highlights of our trip! Let's start with some basics. When to go? The best seasons to visit Shanghai are definitely sunny spring (March–May) and autumn (September–November), when the weather is starting to cool down. What to see? In Shanghai, you can immerse yourself in quite a few things. There is theater and art, there are lots museums, gardens, sights such as the city...
01. December 2018
China’s largest tropical island boasts all the lovely weather, coconut palms and gold-sand beaches. Just like the Caribbean. We flew to Sanya! The island province of Hainan is located at the southern most point in China. It is best known as a holiday island because of its tropical climate, forested and mountainous interiors, and Caribbean like beaches. There was not much I knew about Hainan when the family of my boyfriend (all Chinese) suggested the trip, but I always love to explore new...