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13. April 2021
Top 5 ice cream stores in Berlin
Find yourself searching for an ice cream store in Berlin or even two ice cream stores ;)? No worries, I am always looking for the hidden gems in Berlin. This year I found awesome ice cream stores all around Berlin, some of which are also reveal in my PlayBerlin map for parents and children or my district BertaBerlin maps. I hope you enjoy the selection! For now here is the Top 5 of ice cream store in Berlin.
28. August 2018
Find yourself searching for the perfect playground? We have scoured Berlin looking for the best destinations to have fun with children. From playgrounds, farms for children to the Teddy's concert at Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin; we found so many awesome spots that we decided to publish a new map PlayBerlin for parents and children. We hope you enjoy our selection! For now here is the Top 5 of playgrounds in Berlin, but stay tune.
13. August 2018
Our beloved Berlin is boiling with temperatures reaching record highs this summer! Most likely, you don’t have time to flee the city for a dip in a cooling lake each day. Worry not, we have the answer to the question, where the best vegan ice cream in Berlin! With the sun shining and everyone outside and in a good mood, we love everything about this long ice cream season. For you we got into the queues (in front) of the parlours of Berlin’s inventive ice cream creators to try and test...
02. August 2018
Every evening a film about the history of democracy in Germany is shown on the façade of the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus.