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26. March 2020
Top 5 Jewish Places in Berlin
People I meet in Berlin are curious about Jewish heritage and are often not aware of Jewish sites beyond the Neue Synagogue, the Holocaust Memorial and the Stolpersteine. Lately, I've been receiving requests for more tips about Jewish heritage sites as well as recommendations for good Israeli food. With trendy Israeli restaurants popping up all over town, it's hard to choose where to go. I met up with Shlomit Lasky, an Israeli Tour guide who specializes in Jewish heritage walks in Berlin. She...
05. February 2020
Top 5 Jewish places in Berlin
Berlin, a city which is both home to a vibrant Jewish community and rich in Jewish history. This blog post details just some of the many, many, locations in Berlin where Jewish culture has been wonderfully preserved for years gone by or which are new and have been opened by the current Jewish community in Berlin. From traditional bakeries, to museums, memorials, restaurants and more; this post is dedicated to a very important and prevalent community within the capital.