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11. March 2020
With spring just around the corner and March the 12th being National Plant a Flower Day, this post is dedicated to sharing my top 5 flower shops in Berlin! Each year this day is dedicated to planting flowers as well as looking forward to the season of Spring. Flower gardening has become a hobby for many, young and old, and with National Plant a Flower Day tomorrow, here's a post with all of the spots where you can buy the most stunning flowers to gift a friend or to bring spring into your home.
15. February 2019
There are so many awesome vintage shops in Berlin that it is not only perfect for clubbing, but also great for shopping. You can find many small boutique style shops in Berlin as well, my little hidden gems, I would like to point out to you in the following „Top 5 vintage shops in Berlin“.
27. October 2018
Winter is coming and we all need some inspiration for Christmas gifts... well, here are some shops where you will not only find Christmas gifts, but also some other specialities! In these five shops in Berlin I can usually find last minute birthday gifts and (sometimes) treat myself ;).