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29. August 2019
I cannot get enough of all those weekly organic markets in Berlin. That’s why here’s part 2 with five more places where you can get you organic produce and grab some delicious food to enjoy while chatting to farmers, locals and visitors alike.
06. June 2019
As the seasonal peak of allergies is over, and I am always on the hunt for beauty products for sensitive skin, I would like to introduce you to some Berlin based beauty brands in Berlin this week. So here are my Top 5 Beauty Secrets of BeautyBerlin. I hope you like the recommendations and if you have another hidden gem for me, please let me know.
19. August 2018
BertaBerlin, Airbnb and Irina from gallery aquabit invite you to the free Architecture and Art KiezWalk in Berlin Mitte on the 1rst of September at 11:00. On this walk you find the artsy gems in Berlin Mitte. Feel invited!
11. June 2018
Join us for the Architecture and Art Tour through Berlin Mitte on the 30th of June and the 1rst of July at 14:30. On this walk you find the artsy gems in Berlin Mitte. Let's walk together
02. June 2018
BertaBerlin and Airbnb invite shop owners and neighbors to the free KiezWalk in Prenzlauer Berg on the 9th of June at 11:00. On this walk you find the hidden gems in Prenzlauer Berg. Feel invited!
26. March 2018
What would happen if a horror movie all of a sudden comes to life? In the new room of Escape Berlin you might experience your worst nightmares. How do you behave if you become part of horrible, frightening situations? Now you have the opportunity to find out and to prove that you are able to free yourself!
27. December 2017
Berliner Celebrating New Year, or Silvester, as its known in Germany, means to eat a lot of jelly donuts a.k.a. Berliner. If you want to bring some German flair into your house, you have to watch a British comedy sketch called Dinner for One, while eating the jelly donuts. Feuerzangenbowle Among the many drinks which I might consume on New Year, Feuerzangenbowle is my favorite. For Feuerzangenbowle you have to heat up wine with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel. Then put a conical piece of...
01. September 2017
Free Kiez Walk in Kreuzberg
BertaBerlin and Airbnb invited shop owners and Home Sharers to the Hood Tour in Kreuzberg. On this walk you find the hidden gems in Kreuzberg.
29. August 2017
Let me walk you through nearly a 100 years of queer history in a city where sexual identity can be freely expressed & desires of all varieties fulfilled! We’ll meet in Schöneberg
19. May 2017
The Bunker in Humboldthain
From the climbing hall up to the climbing tower, Berlin climbing fans do not have to go travel to the Alps to get their fix. Rain or shine, you can always find a climbing or bouldering spot in Berlin. Today I will give away the best climbing and bouldering spots of Berlin. 1. Bunker in Mitte The bunker in Humboldthain was not completely destroyed due to its proximity to the city railway, so the northwest side was preserved and meanwhile became a mecca for climbers. All routes are technically...

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