Comedy Cafe Berlin


CCB in Neukölln is a newly opened comedy club of devoted people who make you laugh. I am normally not a "comedy show person", but they made me laugh. On any given day you'll see people here performing, rehearsing, writing, drinking, you name it. Note: Their comedy show is in English.


Cafe Comedy Club Berlin
Cafe Comedy Club in Neukölln

Noah, the owner, came up with the idea in 2014. He had been performing and producing comedy in English in Berlin for 5 years by then. He and his friends were either playing great shows on Fridays in the corner of a bar on literal beer crates or on an odd Tuesday evening at a proper comedy club. None of it was ideal and none of it really put the performance first, mostly because they were performing English language comedy in Germany (a risky endeavor). Simply put, they didn't want their comedy show to be a second thought anymore.

"In the beginning the biggest challenge was fundraising and convincing people that it was a worthwhile cause to support. Now the biggest challenge is making everyone happy, from the performers, to the audience, to me and my wife!", says Noah.


Shows coming up


August is a big improv month. They are running an improv tournament every Saturday: The August Offensive. Eight teams compete and only one will win.


Cafe Comedy Club

Roseggerstr. 17

12059 Berlin (Neukölln)


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