How to relax even in Berlin


Normally Sophia helps people to relax, her relaxation videos on YouTube are known across Berlin's city walls. Everyone has their own way of falling asleep. In the vlog we explored Berlin a bit and discovered some new green and relaxing corners. Little note, for when you see and hear the video, in her relaxation videos Sophia always whispers. If you are too relaxed, you can fast-forward to minute 8:30, that's where I come in ;).


How to relax in Berlin? Sophia and I think, it's very much depending on where you are. So relaxing places in Berlin can be helpful, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are our tips:

  1. exercise at Tempelhofer Feld
  2. enjoy a coffee sitting at Engelbecken
  3. stroll along the Landwehrkanal
  4. paddle in a kajak through the Rummelsburger Bucht (Sophia prefers sailing)
  5. dine with a lovely view over the Spree at Holzmarkt.


Who is Sophia?


You want Berlin but relaxed? Hi, I am Sophia and I made a video about my favorit, most relaxed locations in Berlin. Who I asked for help? Of course Berta. She showed me a very beautiful location in the city center. More relaxed spots you get in her mini travel guides and videos for relaxation on my Youtube channel "Entspannt mit Sophia". Have fun and stay relaxed. Sophia


If you want to find more hidden gems in Berlin, check out my folding maps BertaBerlin and QueerBerlin. They are available in well-chosen locations all over Charlottenburg, Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin and online. But for those of you, who want to stay up to date, feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or register for my NEWSLETTER BertaNews.


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