Make it simple - How to start a business simple


It is never easy to start your own business. Building a great business involves having the idea, finding finances and the right people to help you grow. You don't necessarily need a university degree, a lot of money in the bank or even business experience to start a major success story. However, you do need courage, an idea and the "walk" to see it through. Thanks to Theresa, the founder of "Make it simple"-Podcast, I could finally "visit" my first podcast. 


Listen to the latest episode from the Make it simple podcast and get - hopefully - inspired to start a business of your own!


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Who is Theresa?


Theresa Kellner is a big-hearted, Berlin based career coach, podcaster and writer. With her work she loves to teach people how to dream big and take bold actions to create a fulfilling life and career on their own terms. Since February 2019 every Tuesday a brand-new episode of her podcast „Make it simple“ is dropping to inspire, empower and showcase how change can be made easy. Tune in on Deezer, Spotify or iTunes to simplify your life!



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