Hamburg Coworking Map

Coworking in Hamburg Map
Coworking in Hamburg explained by Die Techniker and me (pic by Daniel Kessler)



This is a question that people ask me often when they come to Hamburg. This is why I met with the Die Techniker. To find your perfect coworking space in Hamburg we created this map with coworking spaces, partly accessible with day tickets as well as partly open during the weekend.


In this travel guide you will also find three walks through Hamburg’s most creative neighborhoods and a selection of our favorite restaurants, cafés and activities close by the coworking spaces where you will have the best time. Find out why going coworking is such a big trend in Hamburg and walk and taste your way through the city.




Berta is the publisher of the travel guides. In the travel guides and on her website, she discovers city walks and writes about the hidden gems of the German capital and Hamburg. The vision of walk this way is to enable people to discover and experience places like a local. Therefore, I offer a white glove service for companies and work as a match maker for brands, places and experiences. So, what does this mean? In case of Die Techniker I create a branded Coworking Map to be distributed to cafes and coworking spaces in Hamburg. So the company is able to gain better access to new clients.


Hamburg Coworking Map by walk this way
Hamburg Coworking Map by walk this way (pic by Daniel Kessler)

Die Techniker convince with strong performance, competent advice and best service. We support start ups and Coworking Spaces in the area of new hires. With our international Welcome Service we not only offer added value to German-speaking new customers, we also make it easier for foreign-language employees to arrive in Germany. Of course we also support our business customer with offers in health and well being. Because health is our highest good. All this services and many more make us to an attractive partner of our cooperation Coworking Spaces in Hamburg. You‘re interested? Feel free to contact Luca.

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To give you an idea about coworking spaces and hotspots in Hamburg, here are articles on my blog as a little inspiration for you:

For more hotspots and work recommendations in Hamburg, you can download the Hamburg Coworking guide at DIE TECHNIKER.

Coworking in Hamburg Map
3 walks to discover coworking spaces in Hamburg (from breakfast til cocktail)