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Do you need more success stories to believe you can do it? Do you like learning from others? Well, here is my story, but Dajana also shows other success stories on her YouTube channel, where you can find more inspiration!



Who is Dajana?


Dajana Langhof (Coaching Institut Berlin) is a business coach for more success and satisfaction at work. She accompanies entrepreneurs* inside and managers* inside to reach their goals. Typical concerns of her clients are the desire to earn more money or enjoy more leisure time. The further development of the company and their own personality are also often the focus of attention. Dajana has 20 years of experience in management, personality and company development. She is also accredited for BAFA's "Förderung unternehmerischen Know-hows" program.


When Dajana was looking for support to make videos for my website, Beatrice Madach didn't teach her how to edit videos, but developed the idea of an online course. That's when her YouTube channel was born.


What's our plan for the future?


On a voluntary basis she is also active as regional manager for the network "FinV Frauen in Verantwortung". For this purpose Dajana and I forged a plan together to organize a charity walk through Berlin along the streets with the women's names.


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