Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin


Where to see cool graffiti in Berlin? Graffiti is nothing new here: The city has long acted as a blank canvas to artists, who have left their mark in a variety of formats and places. Just take a few moments to acknowledge Berlin's street art and you will realize that you don't need to shell out too much money at Berlin's museums to enjoy a bounty of modern art. Just take a stroll around the following neighborhoods.


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Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Graffiti of 1UP in Berlin

1UP graffiti in Berlin


1UP is short for One United Power and you have probably seen a piece by them. They always try to push it one level further and their big crew is capable of spectacular projects such as the 2018 Graffiti Olympics in Athens. Here is a youtube video. You probably won’t find a crew with more graffiti in Berlin. Although Berlin is their homebase, they can be found all over the globe - even with an artificial reef in Indonesia.


Revaler Straße 7, 10245 Berlin

Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Graffiti of SOBR in Berlin

Mural Alicé in Berlin


It is one of my favourite pieces in Berlin made by the female street artist AliCé from Rome. I really like her unique style, where she is trying to blend in the surroundings of into her painting. You can see that at the the skin tone oft he character and also at her shirt which is blending into the wall color and the bushes around her. Unfortunately a lot of the piece is already covered in graffiti and/or hidden behind a fence. But it is still beautiful.


Warschauer Straße 47 / Ecke Mühlendamm, 10243 Berlin


Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Graffiti of SOBR in Berlin

„It’s time to dance“ SOBR


The third „piece“ which is not on just one wall, but graffiti is also about changing the way you see and discovering new things (or pieces). With his project „It’s time to dance“ from 2012 the French artist SOBR hit Berlin as this project fits perfectly in its infamous nightlife. You will find his people dancing with confetti all over the city – also because every once in a while he is just putting up some new ones.


Revaler Straße , 10245 Berlin


Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Graffiti of MTO in Berlin

„There is no such thing as bad publicity“ MTO


MTO is a also a French artist who put this mural up during the Berlin Mural festival in the year 2018. He  criticizes the typical better, cheaper, cooler advertisements surrounding it and at the same time how street art nowadays can be involved in graffiti is also about reclaiming your city from advertisements. In this case the artist is criticizing how street art is used as advertisements and also the bigger, better, cheaper attitude of adds in general.


Warschauer Straße 58, 10243 Berlin

Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Graffiti of Berlin Kidz

Berlin Kidz graffiti


The Berlin Kidz are everywhere in Berlin. When you see one of the mostly horizontal lines in a stlye which is resembling hieroglyphs you can be almost sure it is a piece by the Berlin Kidz. The style is called Pichacao, has a political connotation and it’s origins in Sao Paolo. The Berlin Kidz try to conquer new areas of the city with there vertical lines and you will find them all over Kreuzberg and other quarters.


Köpenicker Straße 186, 10997 Berlin


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Top 5 graffiti spots in Berlin
Tobi Allers, pic by Sascha Wolters

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