Top 5 LGBT-friendly spots in Neukölln


No one ten years ago would ever have thought there would be a LGBT scene in Neukölln. Well, the traditional and immigrant-based district changed.


Neukölln has meanwhile various LGBT-friendly spots including a LGBT party in Griessmühle or bars and clubs. For the travel guide QueerBerlin I have teamed up with Adam and scout for LGBT-friendly spots all over Berlin. Here you can find my Top 5 LGBT-friendly spots of Neukölln.


Top 5 LGBT-friendly spots in Neukölln
SchwuZ LGBT club in Neukölln




SchwuZ is one of Adams favorite clubs in Berlin. It is gay every night with regular themed parties. For example, they have every first Friday of the month a “London Calling” night with indie Brit-pop and occasionally live music. Also popular is the Madonnamania night (only when there’s a 5th Friday in the month).


Rollbergstraße 26
12053 Berlin
+49 30 57 70 22 70
Station: U8 Boddinstraße, U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Hours: Thu-Sat 23-7h


LGBT-friendly café in Neukölln
LGBT-friendly café in Neukölln

Café k-fetisch



k-fetisch is a LGBT-friendly café in Neukölln. When you walk in, you are welcomed by a relaxed atmosphere. The café focuses on excellent coffee and also offers cake and small dishes. A bar invites you to sit, so that you can watch the barrista working his magic.


Wildenbruchstraße 86
12045 Berlin,
Station: S41, S42 Sonnenallee
Hours: Tue-Sun 10-24h


LGBT Party in Neukölln: Cocktail d’Amore
LGBT Party in Neukölln: Cocktail d’Amore (pic by Griessmühle)

Party: Cocktail d’Amore

(Griessmühle closed)


CockTail d'Amore is held on the first weekend of the month at Griessmühle and has rightfully earned its place as one of Berlin's top alternative LGBT parties. Cocktail d’Amore starts on Saturday night and rolls into Monday morning.


Sonnenallee 221
12059 Berlin
Station: S41, S42 Sonnenallee

Alaska Bar



This Queer bar and café in Neukölln with vegan tapas and delicious drinks has occasional pop-up foodie events.


Reuterstraße 85

12053 Berlin

+49 30 23 91 41 38

Alaska Bar Berlin

Station: U8 Boddinstraße

Hours: Tue–Sun 17–1h






The tables, seating and countless pictures on the walls are as varied as the guests. The bar is particularly popular with lesbian women, but gay newcomers to Berlin from all over the world.


Weserstraße 206
12047 Berlin
+49 30 75 63 49 87

Station: U7, U8 Hermannplatz
Hours: Sun-Thu 17-2h, Fr-Sat 17-3h


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