Top 5 skateparks and skate spots in Neukölln

In Berlin, you often find skateparks and skate spots where you least expect them. For skateboarders, the city is not just a place to live, but a sprawling playground to skate all kinds of different, seemingly random spots. Of course, skateparks are also a social hub: a welcome place to skate, meet friends and let the good times roll.


The history of skateboarding goes back into the late 1940s, when surfers in California started to screw wheels under their surf boards. Today, skating maintains the simplicity of its humble beginnings: four wheels, a board, and a hard surface. In this article, I do not want to rank skateparks and skate spots, but instead to point them out to you, so you can experience them for yourselves. Today you can find skate spots pretty much everywhere, so here are 5 unique skateparks and skatespots in Neukölln.

Neukölln: Skate spot in Schierker Straße 50

Skate spot in Schierker Straße


A small skate spot with one big curb and a manual pad in front as well as a bench you can find in the Schierker Straße 50. Here a good pop is an advantage. And if you need a break, the Körnerpark is just next to this skate spot. You find cascade with fountains, a beautiful flower garden and an orangery in it. The orangery houses a cafe and a gallery for temporary exhibitions. During summer they organise free concerts and you can rent picnic baskets.

Neukölln: Skatepark at Columbiadamm 184
Neukölln: Skatepark at Columbiadamm 184

Skateparks: Hasenheide


The skatepark Hasenheide at Columbiadamm 184, 10965 Berlin, is no standard concrete park, but a really practicable area. And when the sun goes down, you can watch a movie under the stars while being surrounded by a forest in the open air cinema Hasenheide, which is located in the park as well.

Neukölln: Skatepark Vogelfreiheit
Neukölln: Skatepark Vogelfreiheit

Skateparks: Tempelhofer Feld


Tempelhofer Feld was once one of the world's busiest transport hubs. Today it is a community park, where barbecues, sports and other social events are held around the twin runways. In the south of the Tempelhofer Feld you can also find a skatepark Vogelfreiheit.


Here you can skate small up to medium sized curbs, ledges, manual pads, different banks and stairs. The skatepark is off the otherwise crowded Tempelhofer Feld. This skatepark is for everyone who loves street obstacles, less transitions or rails.


Hours: Jan [7:30-17h], Feb [7-18h], Mar [6-19h], Apr [6-20:30h], May [6-21:30h], Jun [6-22:30h], Jul [6-22:30h], Aug [6-21:30h], Sep [6-20:30h], Oct [7-19h], Nov [7-18h], Dec [7:30-17h]

Neukölln: Lohmühlenbrücke at the Maybachufer
Neukölln: Lohmühlenbrücke at the Maybachufer

Skateparks: Lohmühlenbrücke at the Maybachufer


The skatepark at the Lohmühlenbrücke (bridge) is small and equipped with one volcano, small ramps, a ledge and some obstacles in a nice atmosphere. This spot is suitable for beginners, but also others who like good sessions on benches and small transitions.


This skatepark is around the corner of the triangle of Landwehrkanal. This is a very picturesque part of the canal where the swans go to sleep. In summer you can sit down on the side of the canal and relax.

Neukölln: Skate spot at Dammweg
Neukölln: Skate spot at Dammweg

Skate spot: Dammweg


At this skate spot you find curbs for a relaxed skate session.


Also, if you have some energy left, you can bike along the Berlin Wall Path here. From Sonnenallee between Treptow in the former East and Neukölln in the former West there are vivid historical reminders interwoven with the scenic beauty of Berlin. Today, this former death strip is a 160 kilometer cycle path which takes you through the DDR border installations and traces the history of a divided Berlin.




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