Top 5 workshops in Berlin VI

Because I am scouting for new awesome locations in Berlin all the time, I have many coffee dates. I am not complaining, I love it, but sometimes I want to do something else. Berlin offers a lot of do-it-yourself workshops, which I found really refreshing: From painting, taking photos to planting, I've tried it all. I would also highly recommend the workshops for your unique birthday party or as a gift. To put it in a nutshell, here are my Top 5 workshops in Berlin


Top 5 workshops in Berlin
Gin workshop

Distilling workshop


DSM is a German spirit manufacturer developing and producing handmade spirits “Made in Berlin”. Every production stage is prepared with raw ingredients through to maceration, mashing, and careful distillation and packing. Now you can craft, distile and make your own personal gin! Their workshop will teach you the basics of distillation – from choosing and preparing the materials, to mashing, gentle distillation, ending with maturation and dilution to drinking strength. With their guidance, you will distile your own (in my case) gin in a small copper pot still, which you can then take home.


DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur, Georg-Knorr-Straße 4, Haus 10, 12681 Berlin, +49 30 98 58 72 32,,, Station: S7 Marzahn, opening hours Mon–Fr 10:00–16:00


Top 5 workshops in Berlin
Slip casting workshop

Slip Casting workshop


Slip castings are obtained from negative moulds. The technique of making plaster moulds was already known in ancient times and until the 20th century was the most common moulding technique. The more complicated the model, the more complex and small the form. During this workshop, I learned the technique of the plaster mould and created my own cast under the guidance of an artist.

The Gipsformerei of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin is the world's largest institution of its kind. For 200 years, high-quality art replicas have been produced here, mainly from Berlin, but also from European museums. Nearly 7,000 impressions of original works of art from all epochs and world cultures are part of the collection of this traditional house. One of one will you make a mould during this workshop! 


Gipsformerei, Sophie-Charlotten-Straße 17/18, 14059 Berlin,, Station: S41, S42 Westend, fee 12 Euro


Top 5 workshops in Berlin
art - coaching - workshop

Workshop “Vision – Kunst & Coaching”


This workshop is aimed at all those who are interested about personality development and would like to get more in touch with themselves and their vision. Artistic talent is not neeeded. It is enough to be open for the process and to have fun in creative design. With acrylic on canvas, collages, hand-lettering and other creative techniques, Milena and Sabine will help you or me on an individual process to your vision. Sabine belongs to the painting salon, she is an artist and coach and supports people with her coaching concept 'AMALUX-Coaching' to develop their potential. Milena is a psychologist and coach. With its Coaching Business better be balanced it supports humans with individual processes approximately around the topics balance and internal growth. At the end I stepped out of the painting salon with completely new ideas and - as I think - a successful self-portrait.


Malsalon Berlin, Knaackstraße 80, 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg), +49 30 23 36 14 03,,, Station: U2 Eberswalder Straße


Top 5 workshops in Berlin
___zero waste workshop__

Zero Waste Workshop 


On 16th of November BUND Berlin e.V. hosted a free DIY workshop for everyone interested in "Zero Waste". The workshop is organized by the project "Berlins Weg zu Zero Waste" in coop with "MEKKI" (Mehr Klimaschutz im Kiez). Based on the Zero Waste principles "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", we learned how to recycle several items on different tables for small groups. Not only can empty tetra-packages be transformed into something new like a flowerpot, but also old fabrics or newspaper can become a gift bag. We also learned how to make body soap, peeling or washing powder. I was amazed how easy it is to make the world a little better! I highly recommend to check out this project, maybe you get lucky and can also participate in this awesome workshop! Just email


BUND Berlin e.V., Crellestraße 35, 10827 Berlin,,, Station: S1 Julius-Leber-Brücke


Top 5 workshops in Berlin
Baking workshop by Bakenight

Bakenight Workshop


I love eating cakes, but I am not so good at baking, so I thought, why not trying a BakeNight Christmas workshop? I choose the gingerbread baking workshop by Koni. In this awesome workshop you will learn how to bake fine gingerbread yourself. Together with Koni, you will bake the Christmas classics from spices, honey and other ingredients, form a house with them and most importantly glaze and decorate everything to make it your own! I already found a nice and cosy spot for it until I will - of course - have eaten it (which is already in process).


Souterrain, Bergmannstraße 58, 10961 Berlin,, Station: U7 Südstern



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