Berliner Berg, Neukölln, Berlin

Craft Beer

Love this place. At ‪Berliner‬ ‪Berg‬ you can enjoy ‪handcrafted‬ ‪beer‬. So good. The bar in Neukölln, Berlin, is the heart of their brewery. Here you can taste all their brewed beers (as long as the beer last). As you can see on the foto you even get little glasses just to try the taste of their beer - and they are very generous with these ;).


They connect old, traditional brewing art with the ideas of the Craft Beer movement. Besides their handcrafted beer Lager and Pale Ale, they also produce seasonal specialities. If you like beer, you most definitely should not miss it out.


Berliner Berg GmbH

Kopfstraße 59

12053 Berlin (Neukölln)

Station: U8 Leinestraße

+49 30 644 35 906

Thu-Sa [19-1h]


This recommendation is an addition to the Mini Pocket Guide BertaBerlin (for Berlin and Neukölln).


pic by @neukoelln_diary

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