Berlin: Find your own way

BertaBerlin City Map to find your way
Berlin wall path (West Route)

As a German, I focus on efficiency. Yet, efficiency can be deceptive. I'm a Berliner, and I've lived in Berlin for almost my whole life. When I studied in university, I biked to school everyday. When I started working, I also biked from Neukölln to Spandau each day.


To navigate, I used Google Maps. Google calculated the shortest route from Neukölln to Spandau. But on one particular day, I had to visit a friend on my way back home and took a different route. I remember being surprised - surprised at finding a quiet, very peaceful street opposite from the street I took every day to work.

Today, I've just published a city map called BertaBerlin with curated walks throughout the city. It is crafted so you can explore Berlin with ease. Instead of traveling to cross off destination points on your list, I want you to experience a different, more local Berlin. On typical journeys, visitors do not have the time to thoroughly savour the architecture of Berlin or the nature with its parks, possibly not even having the time to look people in the eyes. Why? Only to save a minute walking through Berlin - a city they actually want to get to know. 

Einstein once said: "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

A travel journey should not be about taking the most efficient way. As I found joy in a new walk to work, I encourage you to really see Berlin and explore it. On my city map BertaBerlin you will find not just the shortest walk through Berlin, but rather the most enjoyable. I suggest sights, as well as cafes, restaurants and street markets close by. Instead of drawing you a single route in my city map, I encourage you to create and explore Berlin on your own. BertaBerlin empowers you to make your own journey, from one A to another B.

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