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Escape Berlin: Schnapsladen
New game of Escape Berlin: Schnapsladen

If you play once,
you always play


Escape Berlin is the biggest live Escape Game of Europe. True to the motto Think BIG their scenarios are played well-spaced and faithfully. To look behind the scenes, I asked Christoph, the cofounder of Escape Berlin, a few questions.


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What was your biggest challenge?


Christoph: As trivial as it may sound, the greatest challenge was the soundproofing. In our scenarios the participants often to shout, while they are standing fare away from each other. To not disturb the players and to not give away the riddles, we soundproof all doors and walls.


Can you give away some stories?


Christoph: After we opened our game "Schnapsladen", we host a bachelor party. After the game nobody could walk straight anymore. Another bachelor party just finished the game "Sherlock Holmes", saw the drunken players and immediately book the game "Schnapsladen".


What did you do before Escape Berlin?


Christoph: Our team is pretty big and we all came from different patches. Some colleagues are from the tourism and some from the theatrical area, we are a wild mix.


Which tips do you have for other founders?


Christoph: Who ever wants to work independently in the Escape sector, should be a great networker. All escape providers are glad when a new escape room is coming to life and will help you wherever they can. Because however plays one good room, wants to play again.


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