Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln

Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln
Picture Books in Berlin Neukölln

Even Amazon has heeded to the public’s desire to run their fingers over real paperbacks in real book stores. In Berlin Neukölln, however, I will mainly focus on the smaller, quainter book stores, somewhere you can read away an afternoon surrounded by an ambient buzz while warmed by several cups of tea. Join me as I am hunting down the 'Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln'.

Picture Books


This lovely book store offers a first-class selection of new, picture-perfect books on photography, design, art, architecture, Berlin and cooking from around the world. They place a special emphasis on illustrated children's books. Their assortment consists mainly of remainders and returns from international publishers at significantly reduced prices. In addition, there are individual new publications that they consider to be exceptional. 


Friedelstraße 26, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln), +49 30 62 73 25 43,, Station: U8 Schönleinstraße


Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln
Buchhandlung Stadtlichter in Berlin Neukölln

Buchhandlung Stadtlichter


A real community outpost hidden in the urban jungle of Berlin Neukölln is the Buchhandlung Stadtlichter. Founded in 2010 the idea of Stadtlichter was to offer a well-selected collection of a cultivated assortment and advice. With 80,000 new publications a year you might need some help and orientation in the vastness of the book landscape, which Julie and Philipp will give you happily.


Bürknerstraße 1, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln), +49 30 75 54 05 09,,, Mon–Fr 10:00–20:00, Sat 10:00–19:00


pic by Janine Worlikar

Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln
Die Gute Seite Buchhandlung in Berlin Neukölln

Die Gute Seite Buchhandlung


One of my most treasured book stores in Berlin Neukölln is Die Gute Seite Buchhandlung. Anne and Friederike selected a fine collection of fiction, non-fiction, children's and youth books, graphic novels - with an eye on small publishers (which for obvious reason I really like). In the very laidback book store and café, the aroma of coffee and the delight of cakes provide a treat for the mind and palate.


Richardplatz 16, 12055 Berlin (Neukölln), +49 30 12 02 22 43,,, Mon–Fr 10:00–19:00, Sat 10:00–16:00


pic by Janine Worlikar

Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln
Die Buchkönigin in Berlin Neukölln

Die Buchkönigin


The Buchkönigin exists over ten years in Neukölln. Their book assortment includes literature, fiction and poetry, but above all a large children's book department, with books with contents as colorful and diverse as the people in our neighborhood. Nina and Hannah also have a well-stocked department with books about current political events, with an emphasis on anti-racist and women's issues. In the back section you will find books exclusively from independent publishers, with a focus on publishers from Berlin (guess this is why I love this book store the most ;).


Hobrechtstraße 65, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln), +49 30 22 49 49 00,,, Mon–Fr 11:00–19:00, Sat 11:00–17:00


Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln
Top 5 book stores in Berlin Neukölln



And last but not least I want to introduce you to an unknown Neukölln library. The Helen-Nathan library is located on the 4th floor (parking deck 4) of the shopping center 'Neukölln Arcaden'. The main library has a spacious and modern design on an area of 3,000 square meters. It is named after the Neukölln librarian Helene Nathan (1885–1940). In total, the library displays a collection of 180,000 books for children, teenagers and adults as well as you can find a whole department about music.


Karl-Marx-Straße 66 (in Berlin Arcaden), 12043 Berlin (Neukölln), +49 30 90 23 94 313,, Mon–Fr 09:00–20:00



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