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27. September 2020
When I was little my mom and I used to visit my aunt in Bern every year. After she passed away it took me twenty years, but this summer I decided to visit the beautiful capital of Switzerland one more time. Bern is built around a crook in the Aare River (in which not only the swiss love to float and swim). It traces its origins back to the 12th century, with medieval architecture preserved in the Altstadt (Old Town). So, here you go with things to do in Bern!
13. June 2019
Rome Special
Rome – beyond Colosseum and Vatican. As I met Massimo on my Airbnb Experience Sex, Love & adversity, we talked about Rome (which I visited two years ago) and its hidden gems. According to Massimo, as many other tourists, I missed out a beautiful side of Rome, beyond the Colosseum. This is why I invited him to tell us about Rome's hidden gems, so that I also find them next time, I visit Rome. Here you go with his Top 5 hidden gems in Rome. Every year millions of tourists crowd the streets...
25. February 2019
Hamburg aka. the gateway to the world, welcomed merchants, sailors and travellers for centuries. The second largest city of Germany is best known for its nightlife, northern brick architecture and maritime flair. Whether you are in Hamburg for 48 hours, a week or indefinitely, here’s how to make the most of this exciting harbor city. As I am a Berliner, Paulina from Hot Yoga Norderstedt helped me finding the best of the best. Let's start with the first walk through Hamburg.
21. September 2018
Edinburgh is Scotland's cosmopolitan capital city and located in a lush countryside and the attractive coastline of the Lothians. Here you can enjoy rich history, natural beauty and the adventures of Harry Porter. If you only have 48 hours in Edinburgh this would be recommendable walks!
18. July 2018
Budapest, the Hungarian capital with its historic grand cafés, thermal baths and lovely street markets has a lot to show and do! Here is a guide to Budapest’s most (hidden) gems within two walks through the city.