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Vegan Berlin · 01. April 2024
Top 5 vegan spots in Berlin
Most likely, you don’t have time to flee the city, don't worry, we have the answer to the question, where to find the best vegan spots in Berlin! More hidden vegan gems can be found in my VeganBerlin map.
Vegan Berlin · 10. March 2024
Top 5 vegan shops in Berlin
While it’s not that hard to find good quality veggies in Berlin, it might be a little trickier to discover some proper animal product alternatives - be it vegan 'cheezes', 'tofurkys', nutritional yeasts or much more. While I was scouting for my VeganBerlin map, Marika from the great vegan cafe Plant Base has been searching for other lovely vegan locations. After compiling a list of the best vegan shops in Berlin we would like to share them with you. We’ve put together a list of the best...