Top 5 cafes in Neukölln

Voted by BertaBerlin here are the top 5 places to drink your coffee in Neukölln.

Top 5 cafes in Neukölln
Best cinnamon buns in town!

Café Espera


This café is always packed. That could be because of the delicious cakes, the pretty dishes and its beautiful (very interesting) visitors? If you can't make it for breakfast, the lunch menu with its sandwiches is also very charming. I also highly recommend ordering the best cinnamon buns of the world and if you are a coffee lover you will find a fine coffee there too. Just the way you like it.


Pannierstraße 6, 12045 Berlin (Neukölln), Station: U7, U8 Hermannplatz, Mon–Fr 7:30–19:00, Sat–Sun 8:00–19:00

Top 5 cafes in Neukölln
Cafe Babette (Neukölln), pic by Henning Stauch

Café Babette


Hungry for lunch? This vegetarian-vegan pop-up cafe is taking over the former brewing halls of the Kindl brewery (now a contemporary art centre). They do tasty soups and sandwiches, wholesome bowls and serve the amazing vegan cakes!


Am Sudhaus 3 12053 Berlin Station: U8 Boddinstraße Wed 12:00-20:00 Thu-Sun 12:00-18:00


Top 5 cafes in Neukölln
Cafés with delicious cakes

Cafe Katies Blue Cat


Not only is the coffee prepared with care, the café opens super early at 8:30. But as I said, its not only the coffee. The baked goods like cookies, pies and crumpets are amazing. The specialty of the café is the ANZAC biscuits.


Friedelstraße 31, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln),, Station: U8 Schönleinstraße, Mon–Fr 8:30–18:30, Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00


Top 5 cafes in Neukölln
Nothaft Café at Sonnenallee

Geschwister Nothaft Cafe


They have the best coffee around S-Bahn Sonnenallee. Every day I walk in, I'm greeted with a smile from one of the amazing baristas. If you are hungry order the grilled sandwiches with goat cheese, salami, turkey or cheese and pesto. There are also homemade cakes, including vegan ones.


Schwarzastraße 9, 12055 Berlin (Neukölln), Station: S41, S42 Sonnenallee, Mon–Fr 7:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 9:00–19:00 


Cafe 21 gramm


Discover the unique charm of 21 gramm, a standout cafe nestled in Neukölln, Berlin. Named after the notion that the human soul weighs 21 grams, this cafe offers a serene retreat in a beautifully restored former cemetery chapel. Not only does it serve excellent coffee and vegan treats, but its location also allows for a leisurely stroll in the nearby Tempelhofer Feld after your visit. Ideal for those looking to unwind in a historically rich yet peaceful setting, 21 Grams merges culinary delights with soulful ambiance. It's a perfect spot for both coffee aficionados and those seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of Neukölln.


Hermannstraße 179, 12049 Berlin (Neukölln),,, Station: U8, S41, S42, S45, S46, S47 Hermannstraße, Tue–Sun 10:00–17:00

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