Top 5 activities in Schöneberg


While Berlin is full of great coffee, spas and activities, the ocean of cafes, spas, sights can be hard to navigate. Here to help my top 5 activities in Schöneberg. This article shares where to sit down and enjoy a book or some free Wi-Fi with the brightest espresso, the creamy cappuccino or amazing cold brew, as well as other awesome spots in Schöneberg.


Top 5 activities in Schöneberg
Sultan Hamam in Schöneberg

Sultan Hamam


Taking a bath in the Sultan Hamam Berlin means taking warm water from marble basins and pouring it over your body. In the center of the Hamam, you will find a traditional „hub stone“ (turkish: Göbek Tasi). The hub stone and all other marble benches are heated. The warmth of that natural stone will get through your body and will help you to fully relax. This wonderful spa is also recommended in my BeautyBerlin map.


Bülowstraße 56–57, 10783 Berlin (Schöneberg), +49 30 21 75 33 75,,, station: U7, S1 Yorckstraße


Top 5 activities in Schöneberg
Bouldering hall in Schöneberg

bright site in Schöneberg


In this bouldering hall, all walls are freestanding objects in the room. Because the hall is only enclosed by glass, you can boulder in the daylight indoors. A highlight is the garden, in which there is a great outdoor area to boulder and also a beer garden. More climbing spots you can find here.


bright site, Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 40, 10829 Berlin (Schöneberg),, Station: S1, S2, S25, S41, S42, S45 Südkreuz


Top 5 activities in Schöneberg
Gay museum in Schöneberg

Schwules Museum


One of the world’s largest and most significant LGBT museums where you will find queer history archives as well as temporary exhibitions. The Schwules Museum is a hidden gem among Berlin’s museums. Founded in 1985, it has displayed the treasures in its collection in its exhibition. Today it not only presents gay, but also lesbian, trans, bisexual and queer life stories. It’s a unique place, which you should not miss out to visit! They are also recommended in my QueerBerlin map, which is available in their museums shop.


Lützowstraße 73, 10785 Berlin (Schöneberg), +49 30 69 59 90 5,,, Station: U1, U2, U3, U4 Nollendorfplatz, Sun, Mon, Wed, Fr 14:00–18:00, Sat 14:00–19:00, Thu 14:00–20:00


Top 5 activities in Schöneberg
My fav queer bookshop in Schöneberg

Prinz Eisenherz


Started by four men in 1978, this progressive institution ranks as one of Europe's oldest gay book shops. Originally this book shop was located on the Bülowstraße, currently it can be found on the Motzsraße in Schöneberg, the gay-central of Berlin. Most decidedly the emphasis here is on gay and lesbian fiction, gender studies and other academic subjects as well as poetry, travel literature, books for children, international magazines. They also sell my QueerBerlin map.


Motzstraße 23, 10777 Berlin (Schöneberg),, Station: U1, U2, U3 Nollendorfplatz, Mon–Sat 10:00—20:00


Top 5 activities in Schöneberg
Queer Café Berio in Schöneberg

Café Berio


If you’re looking for a popular LGBT hotspot that’s suitable for every age or gender - it’s here! The café is a 24-hour hangout with big German-style breakfasts and decent coffee. Make sure to check out the art on the walls. This lovely café along with other electrifying Schöneberg' spots can also be found on my Queer Berlin map. I am eating their homemade cakes every month, when I am here with my QueerBerlin tour.


Maaßenstraße 7, 10777 Berlin (Schöneberg), +49 30 21 61 946,,, Station: U1, U2, U3, U4 Nollendorfplatz, open every day


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