One walk through vegan Berlin

One walk through vegan Berlin
One walk through vegan Berlin, pic by Gili Chen

If you are a vegan, Berlin is probably the best spot to get all vegan options you would dream of. Berlin has become very vegan friendly in the past years with lots of stores and restaurants which offer exclusively vegan choices. Not only food but you will find clothes, accessories and even vegan hair dressers. With Paulina and Claudi – we checked out the best spots for a vegan day in the German capital! Let us take you on a walk through our city.

One walk through vegan Berlin
Vegan bistro in Moabit

Geh Veg


The cutest vegan bistro in Moabit. A special place to have a great vegan breakfast platter, delicious smoothie bowls, amazing bagels and in summer self made vegan ice cream creations like cucumber and basil flavor. Plus you get to cuddle the owner’s little dog that loves all the guests.


Birkenstraße 30, 10551 Berlin (Moabit), +49 157 85 84 59 26, info@gehvegberlin.de, www.gehvegberlin.de, Station: U9 Birkenstraße, Mon–Fr 9:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–20:00


One walk through vegan Berlin
(Vegan) handmade cosmetics Berlin

Lush Cosmetics


Lush stands as a beacon for eco-conscious consumers, offering balanced, effective, and healthy beauty products that resonate more with nature than with the urban sprawl. While not 100% natural, Lush makes a commendable effort by for example sourcing its ingredients from natural origins. This commitment to sustainability and a minimal environmental footprint aligns beautifully with the principles cherished by Berlin's vegan community. A visit to Lush offers not just a shopping experience but an alignment with eco-friendly values, making it a must-visit for those who prefer their beauty routine to be as clean and green as possible.


Friedrichstraße 96, 10117 Berlin (Mitte), +49 30 20 64 91 82, hallo@lush.de, www.lush.com/de/de, Station: U6, S1, S2, S25, S3, S5, S7, S9 Friedrichstraße, Mon–Sat 10:00–21:00 (this brand has two more stores in Berlin)


avesu Berlin


This store is a must-visit destination for vegan footwear enthusiasts in the city's vibrant vegan scene. As a pioneering brand in vegan fashion, avesu offers an impressive range of stylish and ethically-made shoes that cater to all tastes and needs. The store prides itself on providing footwear that is not only cruelty-free but also environmentally conscious, using sustainable materials throughout their collection. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to assist, avesu Berlin creates a welcoming shopping experience for those committed to compassionate and sustainable living. This commitment to ethical practices and quality makes avesu a standout addition to any vegan lifestyle guide.


Prenzlauer Allee 190, 10405 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg), www.avesu.de, Station: S8, S41, S42, S46, S85 Prenzlauer Allee, Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00


One walk through vegan Berlin
Vegan shopping, pic by Dinko Verzi

LOVECO - Vegan Fair Fashion


If you love vegan and sustainable fashion this is the right store for you! Here you can find everything you need for your vegan outfit: t-shirts, jeans, sweaters etc. Since 2014 this store in Friedrichshain offers great products and even an online shop. Check it out.


Sonntagsstraße 29, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), +49 30 69 57 97 96, hello@loveco-shop.de, www.loveco-shop.de, Station: S5, S7, S8, S9, S41, S42, S46 Ostkreuz, Mon–Fr 12:00–20, Sat 11:00–19:00


One walk through vegan Berlin
(Vegan) döner in Berlin Friedrichshain



Who says you cannot have a döner kebab if you are vegan? Located in the heart of Friedrichshain Vöner offers soy döner with different types of breads, organic fries and lovely sauces as peanut and tahini sauce. The neighbourhood’s urban flair makes it even more special.


Boxhagener Straße 56, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), Station: Tram 21 Neue Bahnhofstraße, daily 12:00–23:00


One walk through vegan Berlin
Vietnamese cuisine in Berlin Schöneberg

Chay Village


This place with primarily vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine offers a great number of lovely vegan options for a surprisingly affordable price! Super tasty and creative dishes like marinated tofu served in wild betel on thick rice noodles with lemongras and soy sauce are to find on the menu. As a drink you can get plenty of homemade lemonades with or without sugar. No alcohol served! People who prefer the eastern part of the city find a second store in Friedrichshain.


Eisenacher Straße 40, 10781 Berlin (Schöneberg), +49 30 89 20 45 54, info@chayvillage.de, www.chayvillage.de, Station: U7 Eisenacher Straße, Mon–Fr 11:30–23:00, Sat 15:00–23:00, Sun 14:00–22:00


One walk through vegan Berlin
Vegan eating in VeganBerlin Mitte



This place is a must for every vegan gourmet. Its modern vegan food creations are made from seasonal, organically farmed vegetables and lot of love to the detail. Another must-try for conscious diners: FREA is the world's first why plant-based zero waste restaurant. Promising not to produce any waste and only working with organic produce. Food scraps are composted and reused and plastics are completely banned - BYO container for take-away.


Kleine Hamburger Straße 2, 10115 Berlin (Mitte), +49 163 35 47 189, reservierung@frea.de, www.frea.de, Station: U8 Rosenthaler Platz, daily 17:30-24:00


If you want to find more hidden gems of Berlin, check out my folding maps BertaBerlin and QueerBerlin, BeautyBerlin, GDRBerlin, BeerBerlin and YogaBerlin. They are available in well-chosen locations all over Charlottenburg, Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin and online. But for those of you, who want to stay up to date, feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM or register for my NEWSLETTER BertaNews.

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