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29. August 2019
I cannot get enough of all those weekly organic markets in Berlin. That’s why here’s part 2 with five more places where you can get you organic produce and grab some delicious food to enjoy while chatting to farmers, locals and visitors alike.
02. July 2017
When you read my blog you would assume that I trained as a chef apprenticeship rather then that I did study philosophy for years. I know. But recently I visit the exhibition of Bernd Kolb, which made me think about philosophy again, especially the question: Who and What am I? Because this is the question of exhibtion BRAHMAN.
19. May 2017
The Bunker in Humboldthain
From the climbing hall up to the climbing tower, Berlin climbing fans do not have to go travel to the Alps to get their fix. Rain or shine, you can always find a climbing or bouldering spot in Berlin. Today I will give away the best climbing and bouldering spots of Berlin. 1. Bunker in Mitte The bunker in Humboldthain was not completely destroyed due to its proximity to the city railway, so the northwest side was preserved and meanwhile became a mecca for climbers. All routes are technically...
27. April 2017
Skate spot Dammweg (Neukölln)
In Berlin, you often find skateparks and skate spots where you least expect them. For skateboarders, the city is not just a place to live, but a sprawling playground to skate all kinds of different, seemingly random spots. Of course, skateparks are also a social hub: a welcome place to skate, meet friends and let the good times roll.
12. March 2017
Querstadtein in Berlin
For people without a home - things we take for granted - become a struggle. With the homeless, the perspective changes: Streets, parks and places become everyday living space. As a privileged person who can travel the world and live in Berlin, I am very grateful for my life and do not take everything for granted. Uwe, Klaus and Dieter guide you through Berlin, and let you discover new details about the city. The three querstadtein tours focus on another perception of Berlin. Former homeless...
06. February 2017
Here are some tips, how you can score tickets for the Berlinale with the least amount of frustration.
18. October 2016
pic by Escape Berlin
Escape Berlin is Europe's biggest Live Game and as it is in Berlin, why not dragging friends into this adventure? I never played a Live Game before, so I was very clueless and curious. Here is the Live Game explanation in short, for people like me who are new to this kind of game: You will be guided in a room, have to search for clues and solve the puzzles. Normally you have to escape the room, but not always escape it within the set time (for example 60 minutes).
01. October 2016
Berlin Wall Path (West Route)
One of my most remarkable bike trips this year was along the Berlin Wall Path. Today, this former death strip is a 160 kilometer cycle path which takes you through the DDR border installations and traces the history of a divided Berlin. From my home in Sonnenallee (between Treptow in the former East and Neukölln in the former West) passing the Brandenburg Gate and out to the rural Staaken – there are vivid historical reminders interwoven with the scenic beauty of Berlin. In most segments the...
27. September 2016
100 meters from all the falafel stalls on Karl Marx Street, I found a secret garden named Comenius Garden. If you are searching for a break from the urban landscape of Berlin, you can find it in this hidden Garden in Neukölln. You'll find fruit trees and a small pond here. You can even take some blackberries, quinces, plums and more. You enter the Garden Comenius through a gate. The Garden itself is locked, but there is a bell which you can use to open the gate. A bell and a garden plan have...
23. August 2016
With Verena from Verborgene Sehenswürdigkeiten Berlin We hear the question all the time: What’s a fun, low-cost adventure in Berlin that requires little planning? With that question in mind, we put our heads together and came up with just the thing: Dignhy-boating on the Landwehr canal.

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